“Fairfax County deserves more than business as usual from the next Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Our county is at a crossroads at a time when inequity is palpable. Alicia Plerhoples has the experience and progressive vision to help bridge the divide in our county and enable all of our residents to thrive. I am proud to support Alicia to lead Fairfax forward.”

Donte Tanner, 2017 VA Delegate Candidate

Alicia Plerhoples is the progressive leader Fairfax County needs to ensure that all of our residents benefit from our economic growth. Her background and professional experiences give her the perspective we need to help our working families thrive, our businesses succeed, and our communities flourish.”

Lindsey Davis Stover, 2018 10th District Congressional Candidate

“Alicia and I have similar backgrounds of service, similar concerns, similar passions and a singular mission to make a positive impact on our communities. I believe she will be the Chairwoman that Fairfax needs as they look toward a bright future full of exciting and multifaceted opportunities. She has my support and my endorsement.”

Phyllis Randall, Chair At Large, Loudoun County

“Alicia Plerhoples brings leadership skills and a vision that is distinct from the others running for Chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. It’s time we step away from business as usual and look toward a future that provides more opportunities for more people living in this very diverse county.”

Catherine Read

“Lived experience matters, background matters, accomplishment matters. I have been hearing about “One Fairfax” since I got involved in local/state politics in 2017, but have not seen any real concrete efforts to do anything but what we are doing. Lorton is still losing it’s park, housing density and low cost housing availability has not changed significantly, barriers still remain and are not being addressed. Alicia is one of the smartest people I have ever met, she has straddled the income divide, and knows what it means to struggle, and to overcome financial hardship. She also has lived in the suburbs, and knows what challenges and issues face the vast majority of suburban dwellers in Fairfax. And yes, as a woman, as a successful lawyer, as a mom, her perspective, skills and life experience will be a tremendous asset to service as the Chair.”

Ken Wheeler

“I have worked with some Democrat members of the Board of Supervisors for two years and have been frustrated and disillusioned by their commitment to the status quo. I am excited to support Alicia Plerhoples for Chairman because she has the experience AND the vision for what Fairfax County can be: a place where the diverse members of our community are seen, heard, and included in our progress as a county.”

Elizabeth Benson

There are two Fairfax Counties divided by economic security and opportunity. I want to close the gap. I’ve lived the two realities. We need leaders who have the empathy, vision, and political courage to make Fairfax County benefit all residents, rather than be satisfied with the status quo. I am the only candidate for Chairman who refuses to accept political contributions from developers — I put the interests of residents before special interests.

– Alicia Plerhoples

The Democratic primary is Tuesday, June 11.

Our campaign is off to a strong start and we have a dynamic team. We ask for your support.